Weekly markets survive in spite of competition

Weekly markets end also today still as at Grossvaters times. There are sale events occurring regularly to the supply of the population. In bigger small towns they occur towards their naming also repeatedly within the week. At corresponding local size also several events can occur. These markets can have different sizes according to demand and sales potentials. Providers and traders on weekly markets are frequently farmers and producer, who have here the possibility to commercialize their goods in the direct marketing. In the last years also the trade with products intensified here from biological building. The direct marketing and thus the decrease without detours of the producer is also with a main criterion for a purchase decision with the consumer.

Mostly already at 07:00 o'clock in the morning the customer can have a close look at the already established assortment of the states. Foods represent normally the main assortment on weekly markets. The bandwidth covers almost everything for the daily need of fruit and vegetable above meat, poultry, fish to baked goods and honey. Next to the already traditionally offered goods in the food field amplify today on weekly markets also goods of the daily need demanded. This offer reaches from textiles, leather goods, small goods up to plants, flowers and basket goods. Next to this offer is as a rule on a market worried also for the direct bodily welfare. Snack states supply the market visitor with fast meals. There are supposed to be market visitors who come only because of the goat sausage. Weekly markets opened either part-time or full-time.

Weekly markets can of the public authority, urban market offices, as to be organized also from private organizers. Among latter ones the German market guild eG is emphasized at this place. The competition of the weekly markets represents itself of course: Shopping centers, Discounter, supermarkets. These have the advantage of lower prices partially on their page. This shortcoming aufseiten the provider on weekly markets, however, can be encountered: with one more at services and zwischenmenschlicher communication. In Particular Latter, united with a breath of nostalgia, quality and freshness is not to be underestimated just today in our short-lived time as a sale instrument. More than their competition the weekly markets suffer of course from the climatic conditions and this not only with respect to the customer frequency. A hard winter makes also the markets turn out in a smaller way.

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