Veterinary medicine in general

Veterinary medicine generally also confessed under the name "veterinary medicine". Into the field of the veterinary medicine particularly any illnesses that affect the different animal species, the research, animal protection and the guarding and controlling of food, fall that come from animal origin. Thus the veterinary medicine plays an important role also for the economy and agriculture. The food hygiene is an important component of the veterinary medicine. The veterinary medicine contains, however, also the protection of the people from illnesses which can be transferred by animals, as for example livestock epidemics or rabies. Clarification and provision are achieved to the protection of the people.

Germany-Wide it gives only to offer five universities that one the study of the veterinary medicine. These are in Hanover, Berlin, Leipzig, Giessen and Munich. To be able to study Vorraussetzung around veterinary medicine is the general college maturity. The teaching-contents to be provided are taught either, however, to compartments or after the different animal species. Contents are taught from most different fields, so for example from the gynecology, obstetrics, surgery, orthopedics, ophthalmology or dermatology. Who would like to get into this field should not have any touch fears, be able to help also once, be psychologically chargeable, have joy of the research, clarification and consultation, have a certain wire to animals and people and be ready to put a lot of time into his study and into his profession, because the study of the veterinary medicine is time-consuming and very extensive.

On the one hand animals are examined, looked and cured. The provision, for example through control investigations and inoculations, an important role plays. The food hygiene is carried out also by people who studied veterinary medicine and learned veterinary medicine. This covers the investigation of meat and battle animal investigations. Also livestock transports must be controlled and controlled. Slaughter-houses and other companies, in which foods of animal origin must be manufactured exactly to be controlled in order to keep the health the consumer. For the tasks in the field of the veterinary medicine also the clarification belongs, however, about hygiene measures and precautions. Those ones must be able to be assigned to people by animals about illnesses are cleared up and to be advised in selbiger thing if questions and problems emerge. Also the shape of new specialists appertains to the field of the veterinary medicine.

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