Is the rice more than one food?

The rice appertains to the varieties of grain, which existed as a basic food have. This food consists of iron, magnesium and trace elements and is a very healthy food basis. Foundation place can not hold the history to any genauern. This grain fruit was discovered at several places of the world and built on to the food source. The first recordings of the rice building come from China. Already in the 17th century also the Americans used the rice. Particularly in the slums of the world rice is a satisfying and economical food.

In the meantime gaining specialist literature about the dressing of twig corruptibly gives in every good bookshop. Regardless, whether Reis is eaten as a main food or as an addition, the desen gourmet must let for the time being mellowness or Quellen. The whole world lives on rice courts with pleasure and frequently as for example in Spain as Päla, in Asia as Nasi-Goreng and in Europe as Hühnerfrikasse. Not only foods are manufactured from the grain product, but one finds also alcoholic drinks or nibbling products in well sorted food company groups. Often rice with vegetable and meat is stewed and served hotly. In different cultures the rice with a special spice is stewed. In India one takes with pleasure curry and curcuma into the rice. Sweets are also very much popular at old and young. Rice pudding or rice chick find high approval on Partys or celebrations.

In Asia the rice is not grown only for the feeding and harvested. This forms also an important component of the religion and culture. A famous proverb that a food without rice is not a genuine food says, established itself in Asia and is not in any menu to think more away. The history of Asia that the rice to special reasons is served and sometimes even admires and was worshiped says. Even the fertility should be supported with rice. In split up Asia's are placed too festlichkeiten always a bowl with the tasty food on an extra table, which for the is passed away. So also these could participate in the important ceremony. The rice straw, that is remaining according to the harvest, is been useful in Asia with pleasure as building material for huts and clothing objects. Also for the tourists lampshades or similar status symbols are produced with pleasure from rice straw and sold in the Souvenierlaeden.

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