Genetic engineering

It is not only a sensitive issue, but also an often-discussed, which makes the front between supporters and critics are getting bigger. We're talking about genetic manipulation and genetic engineering techniques that have an interference with the existing genetic material and change the DNS result. As in humans is not yet possible - even here there is a lack of research on safety from abnormalities and complications - appears in plants and food, the future to be. Again and again the issue is addressed in the media - genetically modified corn and tomatoes are just a small example of the spread and genetic manipulation of food. A useful exercise or a danger to health?

The positive elements, if one can speak of them, lie in the economic production dimension. It can be produced so that the market is becoming saturated and will be no shortage of supply, if the greenhouse tomato from Spain geschippert in European countries. This of course pleases the consumer, who can be constantly supplied with food, in which he can buy food at the supermarket - all year long. And of course corporations like Monsanto and Co, the big winners. They generate in the expanded commodity production a profit, which is not comparable to a normal harvest. With this capital accumulation in Karl Marx would roll over in his grave and mention this to his labor theory of value.

And already we are on the other side of the story of genetic engineering. When one speaks of the profits of large corporations, you have to enumerate the billions that devoured itself in research, and in addition there are the failures that occurred for example, a genetic manipulation of cotton in India. But in the U.S. genetically modified plants have consumed approximately 12 billion U.S. dollars, either through callbacks, failures or declining sales. Plus the disempowerment of farmers and their farmlands, which lose their livelihood because they are robbed of the basis for their crops and compete with the prices the companies can not. For herbicide-tolerant plants from metabolic poisons occur that a host of harmful effects on wildlife, especially insects and caterpillars, but also to maintain beneficial soil bacteria, which the nitrogen. Genetic engineering creates so-called super-virus that would come through natural evolution never so concluded. What other damage may occur to the human organism, are not yet precisely understood, but evidence of a trend to be careful off to GM crops. For as long as no confirmation of the identification of the effects of modified plants, one should consider the development of critical and look for when next shopping in the country of origin. Or simply buy the fruit dealers of his confidence.

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