Food and Drink

Fact is, eating and drinking is a must. Although eating and drinking is so versatile the choice is often very difficult and arrange it often seems to be a torment, but it can prepare itself for apparently serious recipes simple, quick and tasty meals and cocktails. This allows, for example, from a simple bag of rice, vegetables and cook a little Putenbruststreifen one wholesome meal. Of ordinary coffee can be combined and refreshing drinks such as: iced coffee, white coffee, latte or cappuccino. But it must not be ignored that too much or too little food and drink for the body can be dangerous.

Especially when it comes to food, has almost no limits to the imagination. Whether it's cooking, baking, smoking, frying, marinating, or uncertain. Since 1990, the molecular gastronomy is very widespread and continue to be regarded. This is the preparation of food at a temperature of approximately - 170 degrees Celsius with liquid nitrogen. However, this is in normal home use to be very difficult. But alternatively, you can also conjure up about 100 different variations of pasta, noodles because practically everything fits. Be it dishes like pasta with tuna cream sauce or a simple Bolognese. Dishes can be with vegetables, sauces and spices to round refinement and taste.

Beverages can be, just as fantastic, as well as main dishes, salads or other side dishes, vary, modify, and refinement. Be it upgrade with milk foam on the coffee, fruit in a cocktail, even even with spices. With drinks, like wine, but they can also turn foods such as refined white wine with fish and a powerful red wine with meat. Port contrast can serve well with fresh fruit. One should not forget however, that drinking is Vital and the person should take 3 liters of fluid. This does not, however, based on the use of alcohol. If the fluid balance is not corrected, can this vital organs, such as the kidneys come to harm. But this can also happen with the wrong diet, too fat - or High cholesterol. But should be the diet and increase the fluid is too low, decreasing not only the concentration but, in turn, appear to organic damage such as mineral deficiencies, for example, on. Finally, one can say that food and drink are vital, but even that in moderation and not en masse.

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