Flowers - diversity and color

In botany, the term "flower" stands for all the flowers and inflorescences einzelblütenartige caused by scents and color animals, often attract insects and provide them with food (nectar, pollen). What is so sober sounds, is for many of us the epitome of beauty and charming colors. Therefore, a garden or a lush spring meadow without flowers is hard to imagine. Flowers enrich our lives with nature and its wealth of flowers and their recurrent intoxicating scents. Some flowers can be used as eg daisy, lavender or calendula, as vital and Gesundheitsplanze. In addition, flowers nourish beneficial insects such as bees, which are vital for nature and us humans are, and, like all plants, involved in the production of oxygen.

The diversity of floral species is almost boundless. Whether exotic or unusual native plant nature - flowers, there are, fortunately, as a penny! Since all plants are labeled with a flower as a flower, are therefore also cereals and vegetables, spices and medicinal plants, fruit trees, and to do so. Therefore, flowers can not easily be divided into groups. The gardener, for example, divided into annual and biennial species. The two-year include, among other things Pansies, daisies and daisies. Annuals are lobelia, snapdragon and zinnia. Annual flowers are the ideal "stop gap" in the garden planting. Where there are failures in the bushes or between the dauerblühend, jump in the modest and not very demanding summer flowers. The queen of flowers is probably the rose. It is globally famous for its elegant beauty and their intoxicating fragrance. Roses come in many colors and types. Thus, this romantic and mystical as the hybrid tea flower, hollyhock, rose bush, flower bed or climbing rose is available.

To the phrases such as, say, "the flower" or "Flowers say more than thousand words" is a little truth to it. With bouquets and flower arrangements and communications signals can be transmitted to the recipient. Particularly widely known is that white flowers are as a funeral and cemetery flowers. Therefore, should result in happy occasions Send flowers, which consist of white lilies, asters, hydrangeas and chrysanthemums, are necessarily omitted. The Buttercup expresses a disdain for love. The orchid stands for admiration and worship of beauty. The Marigold, however, can mean jealousy and signals the Dahlia: I am already forgiven. And a bunch of red roses, the whole truth speaks for itself!

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