Fishing is next to the hunting and gathering is one of the oldest arts of mankind. While he used exclusively to nutrition of the preferred Served, it is now an increasingly popular sport. It even goes so far already that there are competitions in Trockenangeln. Here, the protagonists have to try a weight as close to a previously defined field to throw. Since the passage of time can quickly realized that an uncontrolled fishing in the long run you can even see some extinct species were introduced some basic rules. There are, for example, special seasons, in which certain fish species may not be fished. In particular, this means a punishment with a fine if the anglers used bait or techniques that is used exclusively for hunting the species to be careful. Events include the spawning period, as the species there are very hungry they might otherwise be caught before they have passed the spawning and could thus contribute to conservation of species. Another way of control has the specified minimum. Fischer you may not bring in the kind Maßgrenze. There must be an immediate reset into the water.

The most common form of fishing for a Central European lies in the domestic fresh waters. Here, streams, rivers, canals, ponds, lakes or reservoirs offer many different requirements for fish and trap. Depending on the location difference between this and the equipment and bait. Also each has its own particularities waters. In flowing water, for example, must work with the current. Here, among other things, provide a longer tail in to the bait as permanently placing a good distance from the shore. In contrast, a lake, the flow is not an issue. There is no specific Anfütterungstechnik needed here because the food will remain even after the throw just where it meets the water. The fish in fresh water are generally smaller than their conspecifics in the sea. However, they enjoy the fishing, by special caution and cunning.

In this type of fishing all their equipment a little bit bigger, is more stable and less subtle than in the sensitive freshwater fishing. Frequently one meets here with the trolling or Senkangeln. In the first variant, the dedicated tow routes are equipped with baits ejected, and then while driving the boat dragged behind. Once a fish takes the bait, stop the boat and the fight can begin. When Senkangeln is somewhat calmer. Participants assemble the usually very short route with baits, often in several hooks, and then they let down into the depths.

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