Farmers in the whole world

Agricultural family farms are farms. The members of the owner family carry out mainly practical activities. But also the court place with the economic and living-buildings of the company is referred as a farm.

The yards are classified by means of their outline. So pair yard, one roof yard, Dreiseithof, Zweiseithof and Vierseithof are differentiated between. These court forms have a long tradition. However only because the yards have a traditional outline, this does not mean that the buildings must be very old automatically because also to was based far into the twentieth century also near new buildings on the traditional architectural styles. Each of the different designs has different features at which one distinguishes her. The essential point near an one roof yard is that he exists in the reason only from a building. This building has a continuous crest line and is referred as an one house. In this case room layout and construction can be, however, different from one roof yard to one roof yard. The Zweiseithof consists of two buildings. These are either in an opposite way or in a rectangular form arranged. Zweiseithöfe are often small-scale farming companies. A greater number is ordered from buildings around the rectangular yard, so surrenders Three- or Vierseithof. However, only because farms are Mehrseithöfe, it is not impossible that for example apartment and Stall are under a roof. This is referred to then as a living stable house. If the most different buildings of a yard are arranged irregularly, one speaks of a so-called heap yard so. The most extreme form of a heap yard is the Musha. So the national language describes the farms of some Bantu nations in Zimbabwe. There even the living room onto the different buildings is divided up. Separate huts serve as cubicles for the different generations.

Not only by means of the outline farms are distinguished. It depends also on their situation and the activity which the court owners mainly dedicate themselves to. On the one hand so there is the mountain farmer yard. Mountain farmers have their yards in Mittelgebirgen as the Black Forest or in Hochgebirgen, as the alps. Another form of the farms is the farm. The English language from which the denomination comes refers at first once to every farm as a farm. In Germany farms are referred to only as a farm if indeed they breed animals, but these are not pasture animals. A further factor is if the yard deviates from the classical idea strongly from a farm. Breeds and a company harvests plants permanently, it is designated as a plantation so.

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