Farmers in the whole world

In our world farmers have one of the most beautiful and at the same time also hardest profession. A sinister joy is if one sees the grain flourishing and if the cattle develop well. It it simply totally turns a lot of fun a selfcontinuous company to lead. Of the spring up to the fall, then if the weather is beautiful, must one onto the fields and the cultures service and later gather. That all simply arises from the ground anew so every year, it must only be grown. In the winter, if it more is not so beautiful outside the farmer can queue his machines and buildings, it can recover also a little bit.

A farmer does not carry out a profession, he carries out all professions which are necessary for the entire enterprise agriculture. He is in the office and in a done way the accountancy and the operational planning. The farmer is simple worker for everything what just accumulates. Furthermore he must have a good knowledge of animals and plants, however, otherwise it can not supply these correctly. Also a farmer should be in handicraft skillful. Again and again something is rebuilt or renovated. Who needs craftsmen here each time becomes poor. A farmer should know also something about machines. Simple he itself must carry out maintenance operations. Also it must be able to weld because again and again the iron breaks at the field devices. A farmer must everything something can and 14 hours often works in the session on the day and that physical. Who wants to take in that part, that one must bring along an iron will.

Formerly it was so that farmers belonged to the lower layer. They simply had to work and foods for other sell in order to be able to live somehow, they lived often in the misery. In the Middle Ages the farmers were even the personal possession of the lairds. For farmers did not keep any education and were bound not with in the cultural life. They only had to work, only to function. Today that is to work with that and to function still so. But a farmer can not take the liberty anymore to be stupid. A farmer must have presentiment from many different things among other things of the financial system of a selfcontinuous company. A farmer the only the Bänker believes goes already soon in debts under. A specialist does absolutely not have to be a farmer for a work but it must dominate many works quite well. And there the companies increasingly larger must become the farmer often even already again than employers perform.

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