Dress fashion in Bavaria and the whole world

Dresses are gewänder that from tradition of certain nations to specific reasons are carried. Often the Trachtenmmode represents cultural and historical customs. Specialists distinguish between one profession's, Zunfts, -and an official attire. This traditional clothing method is borne nowadays only still to Veranstalltungen or festivities. However, namenhafte fashion designers turned over an idea. They combine everyday life clothing with to split up from a dress fashion.

There it in the modern time, to present dresses in the everyday life not more üblig is, there are only few reasons as for example October celebrations to apply these again. Modern designers occupied to the topic mt dress fashion and these built-in into their collections. A dress blouse becomes festive reason then strapless with a Samtcorsage to a special Eyecatcher. With pleasure also the girl skirt is embroidered with dress flowers and a suitable dress belt is put also on the girl skirt. Also a small part of the costumes appertains to the dress fashion. Particularly at Middle Ages celebrations or farmer moves, the most beautiful and most noble dresses are gotten from the cupboards of the people and presented.

Bavaria designated some leather shorts for the Buam and for the Madl a girl. One mentions these upper-Bavarian mountains dress then. Various dress associations still keep to the fashion and gather handcrafted models, around this tradition not in vergessenheit guessed to let. There is not a direct dress for Bavarians, however innumerable subspecies that have themselves from regionellen traditions herauskristalisiert. Formerly dresses were borne as everyday life clothing. First with the changing of the fashion and changed the new fashion appearances the dress fashion for a special fashion style. Specific dress businesses sell the dress fashion on measure or of the pole. The customer can make be advised in order to carry also the smallest to the respective Bavarian dress details orginalgetreu. Many Accessoires appertain to the perfect dress look. Cloths, belts, bags, stockings, bodices, shoes, gloves and hats are produced for every dress model suitably. Also in Austria and Switzerland wonderful memories of the good old time through dresses become again alive. The Corsagen to be tied up closely which a dress accomplishes first are not to be forgotten. For the dress-interested one one can admire original documents and especially valuable garments in pulp lakes or exhibitions and make oneself for this purpose historically be informed.

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