Bamboo - the wood of china

The bamboo (Lat.Bambuseae) is a sweetness grass kind spread in almost all continents. If one considers the plant, one recognizes the affiliation to the family of the grasses by structure and construction very well. The bamboo plants can achieve tremendous dimensions, with heights of up to 50 meters. With up to a meter of growth on day the bamboo is the most quickly wachsende plant in the same way anyway. More still than the leaves the stalks are important for the photosynthesis since they contain a lot of chlorophyll which guarantees also for the Green Coloring. A bamboo plant blooms only once in their life. Mostly that is the case after about 25-30 years. After the shape of the blossoms and fruits the parent dies indeed, seeds and the rungs firing from the root after some time are maintained, however. Precise reasons for this very late and rare blossom are not up to now known. Problems turn out, that the plants bloom in a certain field simultaneously and can come it so for a dying in vast numbers.

Due to his high reproduction rate caused by the fast growth bamboo is an important raw material. Particularly in Asia it represents the base of life of many people, because he finds there are centuries as a material or fuel use. Next to that there are innumerable forms of use objects, angular pieces can be used even very much well as knives. The young shoots as well as the seeds are eatable, contain, however, bitter and poison materials which ones must be killed by cooking. Since bamboo is very much cellulose-containing, it can be used well for the paper production as a raw material. One finds specific extracts also in cosmetic products. Also in Europe bamboo is always liked, for example as floor covering (Bamboo parquet), woven mat or indoor plant. The blossom and in this way the decease one can work here through punctual cutting. As food it is to many particularly through the inserted bamboo rungs concept.

Next to his many-sided use the bamboo is had in many places also a high symbolic importance. In China it stands for example as a symbol for long life, in India, for friendship. Philippine farmers put forward with pleasure bamboo crosses as Gl├╝cksbringer. In Japan it is regarded as a symbol of the purity. Further there is the legend, that the mankind arose in a bamboo. Next to these positive examples there are also negative symbols. Since bamboo blooms only very much rarely and his seeds were often during famines eaten, if his blossom is seen as a herald from some cultures from emergency and hunger times.

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