The reality of the agriculture

In the modern world always everything is industrialized, also the marketing of foods. This happens above the Discounter the mutual the prices press. Since the agriculture works in Europe in many fields with an overproduction are the farmers opposite the using companies in the emergency situation, that they must sell. The using companies stand again under the pressure of the Discounter and pay little thus if possible for the products. This hits currently the milk farmers in an especially hard way. More milk is produced a little when is used. Thus the buyers can tell to every single milk farmer: „Keep you nevertheless your milk, we do not need it.“ Thus the milk farmers are forced to that the milk under the actual value sell. In Germany people can not manage with the milk cattle almost more profitably. However also the other fields of the agriculture are under pressure, every farmer must manage well in order with profits to be able to work.

Another field of the agriculture is the ecological production of foods. Is industrialized the usual farmer onto one company of his yard dependent the ecofarmer to better prices can sell so. Thus it is first possibly different to the ecofarmer be able to work. Only about the higher sales profit he can take the liberty to work more uneconomically, however, for that ecologically. The biomarkets are difficult on the ascendancy, always more people shop consciously. Thus the sales are safeguarded for the ecofarmers and they keep on being able to manage. Around however also the predicate Bio to preserved the ecofarmer must subject himself to severe examinations. He may use only ecological methods for the Erwirtschaftung of his products. These methods are reasonable indeed but they cost sometimes clearly more. Thus also the ecofarmer is again in the misery, that he must manage toughly.

In the reality of the farmer it looks like this that it is completely dependent on the international price to his products. There the prices again and again for years in the cellar must be able to be it longer long hauls can survive. Meanwhile he can not give up the company and make the company wider if the prices have recovered again even if that was very reasonable in some situations. The reality is so hard that meanwhile the grain was so favorable on the international markets over years that the farmer would have burned his grain better than to buy oil for the heating. But the heaters do not work onto grain, otherwise the farmers would have converted this into the reality in fact.

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